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Lidia Donajczyk-Lipinska - Founder @ Hubmama
Lidia Lipinska is an internationally seasoned business strategist. She thrives on bringing her full skill set of business analytics and project management to bring businesses to the next level. Her experience in innovation-driven tech environments inspired her to create HubMama.

Chas final

Chas Pulido - Founder & CEO @ Crcl Inc.
Chas is a sophomore at The University of Notre Dame and runs a recommendation engine startup called Crcl (pronounced Circle). He is very passionate about creating things to help people and looks forward to his sharing resources with this community!

Tony cueva 550x367

Tony Cueva - CEO & Co-Founder - Drop Technologies, Inc
Tony is electronic engineer who has co-founded Drop, the first automated treatment for reducing excessive sweating. He is an entrepreneur who is passionate about creating new ventures in healthcare and education.