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Ginny Fahs

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Lindsay Saunders - Program Manager
Lindsay Saunders has been in the AR/VR Art space for the past 4 years. She coordinated her first show in Brooklyn with Artist Lauren Shaw and hasn't looked back from there. Since then she has made the Jump to San Fransisco to look at the more technical side of things. Lindsay loves the ability to see a piece of art come to life and tell a whole new story and can't wait to see what the future of art and interactivity look like. Lindsay is currently a Engineering Program Manager for the Connected Devices Team at Mozilla.


Martin Ahe - VR Editor at Startup Digest
I have been working in AR/VR since 2010 as one of the early employees at Layar, the first mobile AR company. Currently, I'm the founder of VR School and VR Weekend, teaching a range of VR design and development courses. I am also curating the VR track at Mountainfilm Festival and setting up Tech4Good to promote meaningful and impactful innovation.


Kelly Vicars - VR Co-founder, Artist, Editor
Kelly Vicars is a writer, artist and creative producer in San Francisco. Formerly a reporter at Epic Magazine, she followed her curiosity about VR to co-found VR Weekend and edit StartUp Digest’s global AR/VR newsletter. She is curating and producing a VRAR art show in San Francisco in October 2016. For more information visit