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Fernanda donnini

Fernanda Donnini - growth designer


Tiago Takamoto - Businessman
Entrepreneur and Founder of KoiHub, marketing of chemicals for Brazilian industry.


Cleber Guedes
Graduating in economics and entrepreneurial by nature. In 2014 at 18 years of age I opened my first company, a high-performance athletics nutrition store. Learning valuable lessons from this first business experience I decided to challenge myself further and partnered with colleagues in a boutique consulting firm to help startups succeed. For example, I innovated reusing surf-board waste material as a new low-cost building block. Professors I pulled in tested and proved this material can be used in the constructing of homes for low income people. This was a very fulfilling project. Now I'm working at the biggest startup accelerator of Latin America, pursuing my passion further by helping over 50 great startups there to succeed.


Beatriz Bevilaqua
I have a degree in journalism and I'm a communicator for innovative companies and startups. I'm a PR entrepreneur, a communication consultant, a columnist for the Portal Startse and I support projects for women inclusion in the technological area.