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Scott brovsky nzn labs 2

Scott Brovsky - Executive Director, InSoCal CONNECT | Entrepreneur
Executive Director at InSoCal CONNECT; Entrepreneur in Residence at University of California, Riverside; marketing consultant. Past: Co-Founder @LITProApp; Head of Marketing at VC funded mobile games studio Muti Labs; launching global brands @Disney.


Jay Goth - Entrepreneur and Horse Lover
I am a typical serial entrepreneur, having worked in a variety of industries over the years. I'm also a reformed investment banker and a consultant with the incredible TriTech SBDC. I am the Executive Director of InSoCal CONNECT, where we connect the thinkers with the doers and help give them the resources to succeed. If that's not enough, I also serve as an Entrepreneur in Residence at UCR! I love the spirit and passion of entrepreneurs and consider myself lucky to get to hang out with them. I also love to hang out with my horses! I'm a Colorado native, CU grad, but wouldn't trade living in Temecula for anywhere else! We are building a new tech and entrepreneurial hub, and I am excited about sharing all of the great stuff going on in the Riverside County area.