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Haifa Carina - Tech Community Builder from the Philippines
Haifa Carina is a tech community builder from the Philippines. She leads and promotes various initiatives for the Philippine tech community.

Ashley Uy - Project Manager at Symph
I’m a Cebu-based community builder working as a Project Manager at Symph, a startup foundry and a web development studio. My passion is to help develop the Philippines’ startup ecosystem by volunteering for the local tech startup and design community for around four years now (and counting!).

Alea Ladaga - Managing Director, Techtonic Summit
I'm the current director for Techtonic Summit, the largest tech conference in the Philippines, and was the former Program Associate for Community Growth at QBO Philippines, Philippine’s first and only public-private innovation hub and startup platform, as well as a curator at Startup Digest Philippines. Hit me up if you also love traveling, surfing, and tequila.