Manchester Startup Digest

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Ian Moss - Founder: 196 destinations & Ruby developer

Passionate about startups and collaboration, Ian has run hack days, founded a co-working facility and is keen to help you and your startup out. He's still an active Ruby On Rails developer, and is able to form teams / project manage for consultancy purposes. He also is working on numerous ideas in events, retails and travel industries that he is keen to find collaborators for and turn into active businesses. Outside of technology he has promoted gigs, run a badminton club, and is a keen cyclist and walker. His current main project is 196 destinations - a travel bucket list site that will help you live your dreams.


Coral Grainger - Owner of Capital Relations: Consult, Connect, Catalyse™

The original Innovation Activist and founder of @CapitalRels. Also Partnership Director of Play and Startup Mentor. Connecting people, ideas & opportunities. #FRSA