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Sarah Worthy - Founder and CEO of Door Space Inc.
Sarah's passionate about empowering people to become tech-savvy entrepreneurs and leaders in their communities through educational experiences that accelerate learning in fun and engaging ways. In addition to her years as a volunteer and leader in the Houston Startup Community, Sarah is the architect behind Door Space Inc.'s Enterprise HR platform Keys™.


Megan Liken - Product Marketing Specialist
Megan is a Product Marketing Specialist at cPanel and is truly passionate about connecting people and keeping the Houston startup community's momentum going. You will most likely find her at a networking event, hackathon, or tech/startup Meetup around town.


Shen Ge - ISS Payload Integration Manager
With experience in aerospace, physics, and marketing, Shen is passionate about space, education and poetry. Currently when not working on space station payloads, Shen conducts satellite research, tutors physics & math & Chinese, writes articles & poetry, eats and dreams.

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Peter Hoang - Director of Technology at Lyon Stone, Inc.
Peter is the Director of Technology at a blockchain health IT startup, he is passionate about the intersection of healthcare and technology and enjoys competing in hackathons. Most recently, winning the 2018 TMC Innovation Biodesign Hackathon. Previously a freelance developer and designer, Peter has worked with multiple startups in the greater Houston area. He practices judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu in his free time.