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Sarah m worthy headshot

Sarah Worthy - Founder and CEO of Door Space Inc.
Sarah's passionate about empowering people to become tech-savvy entrepreneurs and leaders in their communities through educational experiences that accelerate learning in fun and engaging ways. In addition to her years as a volunteer and leader in the Houston Startup Community, Sarah is the architect behind Door Space Inc.'s Enterprise HR platform Keys™.


Megan Liken
Megan is truly passionate about connecting people and keeping the Houston startup community's momentum going. You will most likely find her at a networking event, hackathon, or tech/startup Meetup around town.


Shen Ge
Can write, code, and solder with a background in aerospace, physics, and business development, Shen Ge has run a research company. Currently, while preparing for further education, he conducts research part-time, tutors students, writes articles, and plays with electronics.