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John Hamblin - President of JH Consulting Services Inc
From 2000 to 2015, John Hamblin was the CIO of Clarke Inc., a publicly traded company, and the President and CEO of Clarke IT Solutions, the Clarke Inc. Technology subsidiary.

John has been a strong supporter of Halifax and Atlantic Canada since his arrival from central Canada in 2005.

In 2003, John first became interested in startups and became both an initial investor and Corporate Secretary of ERMS Corporation.

Over the last few years, John rekindled his love of startups and entrepreneurship and became a strong advocate for building the best possible startup environment in the Atlantic region. He has both invested in and advised several startups and is a member of the First Angels Network, Atlantic Canada’s largest early stage investment group. He continues to work as a mentor with the Dalhousie University lean startup program, the Saint Mary’s University Masters in Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation program, Volta Labs, Propel ITC, and Futurpreneur.

In late 2014, John founded Startup Canada’s Halifax Community as part of the Startup Canada organization. He and his committee members are now working to enhance the Nova Scotia startup ecosystem and to support entrepreneurs in the region.