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Lelia King - Executive Director
I currently serve as Executive Director for Build Carolina and Carolina Code School. I think of myself as a strategist who works with mission-based companies. I've had the honor of serving in a wide range of roles, and I’m always open to new challenges and learning opportunities. I bring a high level of emotional intelligence and a strong work ethic to every situation with which I'm involved, and have been told I'm an "anchor for everyone through the good and crazy times." I love bringing a sense of calm and leadership to intense, stressful situations. I've always been drawn to writing, and I truly believe in the power of stories. There is nothing people connect with more than shared human experience. Stories beat marketing jargon every time. Beneath the surface, every organization has great stories to tell - and I love bringing those stories to the surface and sharing them. I enjoy helping people realize their passions, understand their personal brand, gain confidence and go after new careers.

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