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Mahmoud Saeed - GM Editor-in-Chief at INSITE OOH (
Hi, I’m Mahmoud Saeed, working as a Communication Director. I came from a creative background, as I started my career as a graphic designer earlier than my graduation of Fine Arts faculty of Helwan University in Cairo. I had a very rich career, formed by massive experiences over more than 18 years with a bunch of the most distinctive international brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Caltex, Calvin Klein Jeans, GEOX, PUMA and much more. In the last 11 years I lived and worked in 4 countries; Egypt, Emirates, Uganda, Qatar, dealing in 5 markets; North Africa, Africa, GCC, Europe, far east and Americas. I’m precise and specific on strategies, and strategic on planning, positive and cooperative on teamwork, a teacher on leading, sharp on management, active, ambitious and eager for the next step… All over my career and I’ve been always looking for big achievements through every small or big project I get and I believe that every new task, job or opportunity is a new chance to reach a glory pinnacle... Today I've many international recognised achievements, but still believing that the biggest of my career is yet to come... hope to be the next one with your corporate. Thanks.