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Atit Danak - Enabling corporate open innovation and start-up engagements. Problem Solver. Product Strategist.
In last 9 years, I have had the good luck and opportunity to work in varied roles with founders at start-ups to mid-size businesses. From manufacturing to trading, products to services, $2M-$200M revenue, engineering to sales, operator to consultant, from Brazil to China, the journey has been eye-opening, exciting, heart-breaking and sweet. The aim, here, is to bring these varied perspectives to you as we learn (together) to understand, appreciate & solve customer problems; and thereby sell better & faster.

Dmitry startup digest

Dmitry Kabanov - @m1try
Curating @startupdigest Moscow and Business Development & Growth Hacking Reading List

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Susan Rodriguez - Founder and Managing Director After Jump - The Business Consultancy Company.
Consultant - Entrepreneur - Business Leader I am a Proudly Costa Rican business consultant, technical leader, Development Manager interested in discovering the best way to make our professional dreams come true by providing a more equal world, full of opportunities to integrate knowledge with technical hacks. I have multinational business marketplace experience in the IT Industry, Business Development, Program Management, Project Development, Operations Management, Sales and Digital Marketing. I have a Business Consulting Company in Latin America where I would like to continue embracing people around the world on their efforts, to make sure we enter this upcoming technological transition the best possible way.