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Adriana Dumitrof - Community Manager at TechHub Bucharest
Tech Lover | Entrepreneurship Enthusiast | Craving for Innovation

Irina Scarlat - Revolut Country Manager, Romania
Entrepreneur at heart, full-stack marketer and experienced people & projects manager, Irina Scarlat has 7+ years of experience in the tech industry alone. Entrepreneur at heart, she leads Revolut's operations in Romania and is committed to putting Romanians back in control of their money. Before joining forces with Revolut, she has been leading the marketing efforts of Uber in Romania, shaping the local strategy and working on strategic regional projects & initiatives. During her time at Uber she has launched 3 cities, scaled the market 10x and built the marketing team from scratch. She is a global citizen that has been living, studying & working in seven cities across Europe and the United States and she speaks four foreign languages.

Alexandru Agatinei - Ecosystem Builder & Facilitator @ Rubik Hub & Techstars Startup Weekend
Hey, you! Hi there, it's so great to see you scrolling around here! Now you and I both know we love startups so there's no point in keeping this as a secret anymore. Use the social media below, push one of the buttons over there and drop me a line so we can find out what we can do together and grow even more the entrepreneurial ecosystem! And remember to always #GiveFirst!