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2016 12 26 04.25.30 1

Eric Hayashi - Planner @TV1
Editor #VIMH / Co-fundador @DesafiandoMKT / Curador StartupDigestBR | #startup #photo #mkt #digital #content #art #biz #video #tech #creative [+]

Gj terno

Guilherme Junqueira - ABStartups
COO at @ABStartups (Brazilian Association of Startups), a nonprofit organization that represents the brazilian startups. Chosen as one of 10 entrepreneurs who have contributed most to the brazilian ecosystem of startups in 2013, has spoken at @TEDx, curator of entrepreneurship at @CampusParty, organizer of over 40 events for startups, and mentor and juror at several events/programs for startups in Brazil.


Dany Carvalho