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The most interesting developments and discussions around artificial intelligence technologies and their emergent applications in product design.

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Aashay Mody - 👨‍💻 Growth at Astro | 🤖 AI Digest Curator at Startup Digest | 🎓 NYU Stern Alum
I help early stage startups go from idea to business. I draw inspiration from breakthrough technologies when they intersect with innovative business models and have the ability to fundamentally shift the status quo.

Montreal sergioescobar director

Sergio A. Escobar - Managing Director at Founder Institute Montreal, Super Angel investor, EIR/Advisor at Creative Destruction Lab, Artificial Intelligence Digest Curator at Techstars Startup Digest
Sergio is the Managing Director for the Silicon Valley early stage accelerator Founder Institute in Montreal, plus acts as Montreal Facilitator for Techstars Startup Program (Startup Digest, Startup Weekend, Startup Next). He has a diversified investment portfolio of companies ranging from Artificial Intelligence, Wearables, EdTech, Productivity Softwares, eCommerce, MarketPlaces, FinTech to Consumer Apps. Sergio is a tech entrepreneur having experience with Aerospace, eCommerce and Mobile Payment startups. Deeply involved in the international entrepreneurial scene through his involvement as Mentor & Judge for entrepreneurial programs such as Startup Chile, Startup Peru, Startup Bootcamp, MsB Tunisia, Kuwait National Fund, Techstars Startup Programs, Founder Institute, World Bank 'Tech Entrepreneurship Program for Innovation in the Caribbean', and Creative Destruction Lab in Artificial Intelligence.