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Dwight amsterdam

Dwight Gunning - Freelance Software Engineer
Tech Adventurer and an entrepreneur at heart. I grew up in Australia and moved to Amsterdam in 2010. In my spare time I facilitate and organise Startup Weekends and the Startup Next program. Reach out anytime!


Manouk Meilof - Operations @ the New York Code + Design Academy
I'm the local operations of the Amsterdam Campus of the New York Code + Design Academy. Though I've been active in the tech industry of Amsterdam for the last 4 years. Once, started out in PR for technical artists Daan Roosegaarde and Emmanuel Flores and continued at the Dutch tech investment firm Vectrix. With a background in Chinese Language, I still enjoy a frequent visit to China or basically any Chinese restaurant around the corner. When I'm not slurping a bowl of Chinese noodles or enjoying new gadgets, you can probably find me riding my bike through the city or countryside.